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Aryamaan’s Watchlist

Wondering what to watch? Well, here’s what Aman would tell you.

Wondering what to watch? Well, here’s what Aryamaan would tell you.

Being as famous as they are, this list could be a rewatch list for some, a nostalgic list for others or may allow some to discover movie franchises they haven’t seen before.

Sometimes, a good rom-com is all you need.

These movies include unexpected reveals (Se7en), gut-wrenching scenes (American History X), ingenious story telling methods (Searching), some of the best dialogues in cinematic history (The Godfather) and so much more.

Movies make you cry, get you scared, force you to think but also have the uncanny ability to make you smile. Our list of ‘Feel Gooders,’ as we call them, will surely bring a smile to your face

Everyone needs to let out some tears and movies are the best ways to do so. Our list is sure to get you crying, whether due to extreme happiness or sadness.

We’ve made the list based on movie quality, so only if it’s a really good movie have we included it and of course they’re all filled with gruesome, thrilling scenes.

With everything that’s going on in the world, everyone need a breath of positivity in their lives and we think that these movies/shows are perfect for the job.

This one is a more personal list and may defer from person to person, after all it is a date night list! Some prefer to go for the serious-drama, some prefer the classic rom com and some go down the nostalgic route. So after a lot of thought and after going back and forth probably a dozen times, we have finally decided on these movies, which we believe would cover most of your preferences.

Sometimes life just gets too much and you feel like going “Fuck it, I want to get my mind of everything.” This list of movies is perfect to take a brea from everything and just have a good time.

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