Movie Franchises you have to Catch up With

This list only includes movies on Netflix India, Prime and Disney+Hotstar. We’d love to put franchises like Rocky and How to Train Your Dragon but all the movies aren’t on any of the above mentioned streaming platforms.

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe – Disney+Hotstar

Avengers Endgame

2. The Godfather – Prime

The Godfather - Film Review

3. Harry Potter – Disney+Hotstar

Harry Potter

4. Lord of The Rings – Netflix

Lord of the Rings

5. Star Wars – Disney+Hotstar

Star Wars 2

6. Pirates of the Caribbean – Disney+Hotstar

Pirates of the Caribbean

7 Christopher Nolan’s Batman – Batman Begins on Prime and the rest are on Netflix


8. Toy Story – Disney+Hotstar

Toy Story 4

9. Mission Impossible – Prime

Mission Impossible

10. Back to the Future – Prime

Back to the Future

11. Indiana Jones – Prime

Indiana Jones

12. Narnia – Disney+Hotstar

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion The Which and The Wardrobe

13. Planet of the Apes – Disney+Hotstar

Planet of the Apes

14. X-Men – Disney+Hotstar

X men

15. High School Musical – Disney+Hotstar

High School Musical

Honourable Mentions:

1. Oceans – Netflix


2. Terminator – Prime


3. Zombieland – Prime


4. Transformers (First 3) – Prime



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