21 Guns – Green Day

Hey there! AD’s Film Reviews is run by two of us, Aman Datta and Aryamaan Dholakia. Aman is a sophomore at Northwestern University, studying Psychology and Communication Studies with a minor in Film and Media Studies, while Aryamaan is a sophomore at NYU Abu Dhabi majoring in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering along with a minor in Film and New Media Studies. We’re both incredibly passionate about films, and we love that we have this opportunity to share our love in a way that might be interesting to some people.

How to describe us?

Aryamaan is basically an incredibly nice guy who is coincidentally good at literally every single thing he’s ever done in his life. You should see this guy peel an orange. Such skill.

Aman basically has no filter when he speaks (which is why I respect him so much), literally criticizing every film he watches; whether it’s Adam Sandler, Morgan Freeman or even a typical Bollywood movie like “Sonu Ke Titoo Ki Sweety.” Still, he’s one of the nicest people I have met.

P.S. Never talk to him about High School Musical or The West wing, he wont stop talking!

We love movies, but we know that films are an interpretable thing. Our opinion might be totally different from yours, and we want to hear it! Whether it’s that, or you agree with something we say, or you think one of us is a total idiot (it’s probably Aman), drop either of us a line at the email addresses below!

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding anything; whether its for “which movie to go to for a date?” or “which movie to go to to get rid of my date?”.

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