Aquaman: Film Review

aquaman - film review

Aquaman was the next instalment in the DC film universe after Justice League. Clearly, it didn’t have a lot of expectations to meet. That’s pretty much all it did. For me, it did surpass Justice League but possibly not Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and was nowhere close to Wonder Woman. It did not live up to the hype that surrounds it.

The film has a slight immaturity to it, making it feel like a sci-fi Indiana Jones movie; finding the map, going to some cave in the middle of a desert to find a clue and then finding the ‘treasure’ to beat the bad guy. It was as if the movie was meant for a 10 year old audience. It could definitely use some better writing. However, it is visually really pleasing. The vfx and special effects make the movie a pleasant watch and the actors always look stunning as well. Unfortunately, hot actors and good special effects are not always enough to make a successful movie.

James Wan has done well compared to previous DC movies but could have made a much better film. The main issue I found in the movie is that though they try adding a base of realism to these movies, trying to copy batman but then they just go over the top with the powers and cgi in the end. It almost makes it like a video game rather than a movie. Just stick to one! It eventually becomes too much. The sense of realism or gravity is completely gone. This is solely due to the directing and writing. I love how these other wordly encounters have just become another everyday spectacle in the DC universe. A giant metal insect dude punching a hot guy with abs through 10 pillars…oh so common. Atlantis has been completely misused. I thought they were supposed to portrayed as an ancient superior race but appeared as a giant military with a horrible political system always ready for battle.

The actors have done a good job; Jason Momoa is perfect for the role, performing insane action sequences with his tattoos and Amber Heard in wet suit, come on. Nicole Kidman was slightly underwhelming with her role as Atlanna. There is a slight amount of overacting through the movie but it is a superhero movie after all.

The music in the movie is good and the album has a few great songs. “Everything I need” took me, almost convinced me to give the movie a good review… so I balanced it a bit.

The movie does tend to add an emotional element towards the end and has good set up for it, however, does require better writing. In terms of box office, the movie is doing really well but isn’t as good a film as it could be. I would describe the film to be something like edging. Reaching the peak, but stopping just before and not starting again.

Overall, the movie doesn’t suck as such. There is a lot to dislike and a bit to like but not worth waiting 2 hours before the movie actually takes off. You wouldn’t feel robbed if you went to watch the movie but for me it wasn’t worth a 500 rupee ticket and 400 for popcorn.

-Aryamaan Dholakia

Aman’s Review – N/A                                                                       Aryamaan’s Rating: 72/100


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