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These are leaning on the fun side, as opposed to the intellectual and intense side. I’ve tried to put in some shows and movies from the main streaming services available in India, not including Disney + Hotstar, which is supposed to drop later this month (after dropping and then un-dropping earlier this month). Let me know if you gave any of these a shot and liked it!

1. Parks and Recreation: Amazon Prime  

Parks and Recreation

 This is the show I’m watching right now, which was the best decision I’ve made in a little while. The first season needs some dealing with, it’s funny but not that funny and doesn’t exactly capture the essence of what the show becomes. Parks and Rec is the goddamned funniest thing on streaming right now and is currently making for a very enjoyable quarantine.

2. Begin Again: Netflix

Begin Again - Movies that bring a smile to your face

Begin Again is one of my favorite films in the world. It’s one of the most complete films I’ve ever seen, with some great music and characters that are super easy to relate and commit to. I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t loved this film, and it’s definitely worth the time. 

3. Tropic Thunder: Netflix

If Parks and Rec is the funniest show, then Tropic Thunder might be the funniest movie on streaming right now. Not that many people know about this, as far as the cultural zeitgeist goes, especially considering its cast. This is one of the best examples of raw entertainment I can think of and one of the funniest movies out there.

4. 12 Monkeys: Netflix

12 Monkeys

No one knows about this movie, and that annoys the crap out of me. 12 Monkeys is intensely thrilling Sci-fi. If you’re looking for zero plot-holes, this might be the wrong film. Entertaining? Serious check. Thrilling? Serious check. A more interesting and engaging plot than the Matrix? Yeah, check.

5. This is us: Hotstar/Amazon Prime

This Is Us

This is quite simply the best show currently airing on television. It has the added benefit of being the most heartwarming, life-affirming thing you’ve ever seen. If you’re in need of some positivity and tear-jerking love, this show was made for you. Please, please, please watch this show.

6. The Boys: Amazon Prime 

The Boys

Again, a super underrecognized show with a super interesting concept. The Boys is set in a world maybe only slightly more advanced than ours, where Super Heros are commonplace and used for commercial gain and start to abuse their power to serve conglomerates. A really interesting concept that’s been done really well. Hilarious, with great characters. I’ve actually written a review on this one if you want to check it out. Season 2 is dropping sometime this summer as well, so if there was ever a time to get on the train.

7. The Newsroom: Hotstar 

The Newsroom

I would have done a disservice if I had even considered not putting an Aaron Sokrin show on here. The Newsroom tells the story of a group of deeply righteous journalists, doing their utmost to do the right thing by way of reporting real news in a world ruled by reality TV and gossip. It’s a classic Aaron Sorkin workplace drama, its hilarious, there are soaring speeches that make you ready to go punch wrongdoers in the face. It’s awesome. Please watch it. 

8. Grace and Frankie: Netflix

Grace and Frankie

This was more of a surprising comfort than anything else. You need to put up with maybe a little more old-person humor than you’re accustomed to, but it’s razor sharp at times and it’s got characters you can care about. I’d seriously recommend to anyone in need of something light and fluffy


9. Arrival: Netflix


This is a heavier one, which I recently re-watched and was reminded of how damn good a film it is. Jeez. It’s super interesting, though perhaps a little complex. Not a lighter affair. But if you’re interested in putting some thought in, I’d give this one a go.

10. The Ocean’s Franchise: Netflix

Ocean's 11

This one’s a classic. You just gotta love the Ocean’s franchise, pure, unbridled entertainment with more style and charisma than anything else on this list, nigh, on Netflix. That’s Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13. Get ready for incredible choice in music and some high entertainment value heist.


Let us know if you want any personalised lists!

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