That Night: Film Review

LCA Film’s production ‘That Night’ exceeds expectations with a powerful plotline that brings forth an important message, especially for students of this generation. The short film revolves around Krish, a medical student who studies ’18 hours a day’ for his medical entrance exam, which is just in a few days. He isolates himself and cutsContinue reading “That Night: Film Review”

Aladdin 2019: Film Review

Among 2019’s catalogue of remakes and reboots was the most recent rendition of Disney’s 1992 animated classic: Aladdin. The story of Aladdin originated in the centuries old collection of 1,001 stories, collectively referred to as The Arabian Nights. It follows Aladdin, a street rat with a giving heart, as his yearning for the local princess’Continue reading “Aladdin 2019: Film Review”

The Last Days of American Crime: Film Review

No, just no. Netflix’s next instalment in its action film arsenal turned out to be more disappointed than expected. Set in the near future when America has become a police-run state, the film takes place a few days before the introduction of a law that would prevent any citizen from committing any crime. Looking atContinue reading “The Last Days of American Crime: Film Review”

Freedom Writers: Film Review

Freedom Writers is a film about the true story of a group of at-risk teenagers and their teacher, Erin Gruwell. It follows Gruwell’s relationship with these teenagers, from the beginning of their freshman year of high school, to near the end of their sophomore year. In that time, the classroom changes from an atmosphere ofContinue reading “Freedom Writers: Film Review”

Betaal: TV Review

Among so many brilliant shows and movies like Kingdom or World War Z, “Betaal” is Bollywood’s first entrant into the zombie genre but it doesn’t really live up to expectations. With “Kingdom” incorporating a unique macro perspective with an intriguing political storyline, “World war Z” telling the story from a wider canvas and “Train toContinue reading “Betaal: TV Review”

Predestination: Film Review

Predestination is a sci-fi time-travel movie, based on a short story called “All You Zombies” by Robert Heinlein. What precisely the films is about is difficult to explain properly without spoiling, well, all of it, so, in the vaguest of terms, Predestination is about a temporal agent, whose search for a terrible criminal leads himContinue reading “Predestination: Film Review”