Easy A: Film Review

Easy A is a romantic comedy about a straight-shooting high school girl who becomes the subject of a wave of gossip and rumour, a wave she does little to quell, which changes her social position in the school forever. The film stars Emma Stone, as well as Stanley Tucci, Dan Byrd, Lisa Kudrow, and PennContinue reading “Easy A: Film Review”

Hasmukh: Series Review

Yes! Vir Das is back on Netflix with ‘Hasmukh’ after his incredible special, ‘For India.’ With the increasing trend of the dark-comedy genre like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Stree,’ ‘Hasmukh’ too attempts to cement its place in this genre with an absolutely brilliant plot idea (delightful and diabolical to be precise): Hasmukh (Vir Das), a struggling stand-upContinue reading “Hasmukh: Series Review”