Parasite: Film Review

2020 saw The Oscar for Best Picture was given, for the first time in history, to a foreign film, and that film was Parasite; written and directed by Bong Joon Ho, who would leave the ceremony with both the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay awards in his hands, as well as the evening’s flagshipContinue reading “Parasite: Film Review”

Little Women: Film Review

Late 2019 saw the release of Greta Gerwig’s screen adaptation of literary classic Little Women by Louisa Mae Alcott. Little Women is the story of a family living in America during the time of the Civil War. Four sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth, and their mother live in difficult financial times, as the womenContinue reading “Little Women: Film Review”

Bojack Horseman – S6 (Part 2): Series Review

The second half of the conclusive sixth season to Netflix’s Bojack Horseman dropped yesterday, about three-odd months after the first 8 episodes to S6 left fans on a cliff-hangar, with Bojack’s unusually peaceful circumstance on the verge of implosion. The half-season starts off more or less exactly where episode 8 of S6 left off, withContinue reading “Bojack Horseman – S6 (Part 2): Series Review”