The Front Runner: Film Review

Hugh Jackman’s (or the Jack-Man as I like to call him) latest project took the form of former Presidential candidate Gary Hart biopic titled The Front Runner. Jackman plays Hart as the lead in the film which also stars JK Simmons, Vera Farmiga, and Bill Burr among others. The film is about the true storyContinue reading “The Front Runner: Film Review”

Scott Pilgrim vs The World:Film Review

A cult classic of as many cults as there are, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a comedy meets action meets fantasy film. Casually sporting one of the greatest casts of all time, including Michael Sera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Anna Kendrick, Allison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, and more, the film is directedContinue reading “Scott Pilgrim vs The World:Film Review”