ZIMA BLUE: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Zima Blue - Episode Review

One episode that stands out as a ‘piece of art.’ The idea of finding the meaning of life being explored in an animated short story is surprisingly profound. The idea, that is conveyed through the medium of art is highlighted by the beautiful plot twist towards the end which works perfectly here.

The story revolves around an AI Zima who is search of the meaning of life through the medium of art. We see how his artwork evolves as this ‘meaning’ develops according to his understanding. As the plot progresses, Zima’s origin story is revealed about how he has evolved from something as simple as a swimming pool cleaning robot to an AI bot in search of the true meaning of life. With an impactful twist in the end, Zima unveils his final art piece, which portrays his true meaning of life.

At a thematic level, ‘Zima Blue’ is a beautifully written, symbolic story that describes a certain perspective about the meaning of life: probably as simple as going back home.

The episode uses the colour blue to really illustrate its point, resulting in a real thought-provoking contemplation when the final credits role.

The art is quite unique too compared to the other episodes, with bold lines and colours. The paintings do seem to have some form of clarity and meaning to them as well. I could not think of any other aesthetic that could match what they have in this episode.

Overall, this thought-provoking, symbolic episode stands out, allowing the audience dwell upon the true meaning of life and if it may be that simple.


Aryamaan’s Rating – 89/100

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