Three Robots - Episode Review

So these three were the ‘palette cleansers’ I was talking about. All of them give you a break from some of the intense, dark episodes in this series. Honestly, there isn’t much to speak about them, they act as fillers between the episodes and are supposed to be non-sensical. “Three Robots” is about three robots taking a tour of a post-apocalyptic city, pointing out ‘flaws’ in the human race. It is mildly funny, not too great but light-hearted. Notice the movie references though, one to ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was made that cannot be missed.

When The Yogurt Took Over - Episode Review

“When the Yogurt Took Over” is another light hearted 7 minute episode, which doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense but serves its purpose. It’s about a sentient dairy product, who forces the president of the U.S. to hand over control to it and eventually takes over Earth… and beyond.

Alternate Histories - Episode Review

Another of this lot is “Alternate Histories,” which is pretty much about Hitler meeting premature death in 6 hilarious scenarios, and how it would’ve altered the course of world history. Well, as you would’ve guessed, the episode doesn’t make even the slightest bit of sense but I guess that’s what it’s meant to be. All of them have a different form of animation and an interesting concept. With a crisp sequencing, they do lend a comical perspective to the anthology.

Aryamaan’s Ratings:

Three Robots – 70/100

When the Yogurt Took Over – 62/100

Alternate Histories – 65/100

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