SUITS: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Suits - Episode Review

“Suits” had an interesting story. It had a very video game feel to it but it managed to bring forth emotion as well, which is quite rare in these kinds of movies.

The 17 minute long episode is pretty much about a community of farmers in mechanical power suits fighting off an alien invasion. The story begins with one farmer protecting his farm from a couple of aliens when he suddenly sees that the problem is actually much bigger than that. The plot soon turns into a ‘final stand’ situation as the farmers have to sacrifice everything to protect their families from this invasion.

The transitions from the overview of the fighting scenes to the zooming in to the farmer’s faces provide an effective, entertaining action sequence. Though this episode may not have a deep, implicit meaning, it fulfills its purpose to entertain the audience.

For the most part, the story balances humour, emotion and a lot of action well. Overall, it is a high-octane thrill ride with a small twist at the end, topping off another decent episode.


Aryamaan’s Rating – 75/100

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