Sonnie’s Edge: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Sonnie's Edge - Episode Review

The first episode of this anthology, “Sonnie’s Edge” is the perfect introduction to this anthology, set in dystopian London, where ‘beastie fights’ (terrifying monster are pitted against each other) are the underground, gladiator fights of the future. The sexual and violent story arc is perfect for introducing the audience to this anthology. The exciting, action-packed pit fight is stunning and definitely one of the best of the lot.

Sonnie, tortured in her past, literally controls her monster in pit fights. When she is offered a huge um of money to thro the fight, she refuses and proves why she is so confident on winning. Sonnie’ ‘edge’ forces her to make it a life or death situation for her, giving her no other alternative but to win. The constant back and forth with more than one plot twists grips the audience, successfully fulfilling the episodes purpose.

In terms of visuals, its gorgeous… The futuristic neon, with the loud electronic music is perfect for the setting. The beautiful body art and Sonnie’s entrance in the pit are so encapsulating as well and the earthy, rustic monsters create a visual spectacle that should be appreciated. The cinematography and choreography of the fight is beautiful as well, with a constant back and forth, almost foreshadowing the story itself.

The visuals, audio, dialogue and atmosphere… its got everything. You just have to lie back and let it draw you in into its dystopian world.


Aryamaan’s Rating – 86/100

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