SHAPE SHIFTERS: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Shape Shifters - Episode Review

‘Shape Shifters’ is a brilliant combination of a military based plot, decorated with ‘super naturalism.’ It is set in the heart of US’s Middle Eastern Conflict with the Taliban. It not only harbors some of the most intense action sequences in the series but also conveys the strong themes of comradeship and patriotism. The result is a powerful episode, discussing important societal issues about how we shun something that is not ‘normal’ in society.

The plot follows two marines, who happen to be Werewolves and are excluded by the other marines. These marines are tasked with finding another Werewolf, who destroyed another marine camp, which eventually leads to an intense action sequence.

The highlighting of the themes of exclusion in society adds a deeper layer to the story apart from it being a simple military movie. Moreover, the photo-realistic animation helps to build a more personal aspect to it, mirroring our current society.

The dialogues and the attention to detail like the posters on the walls or the flickering of lights, really helps bring out the artistic value of this piece. The camera angles, especially after the destruction of the military base, were really good as well. The depiction of important societal issues, with beautifully conceptualized sequences and photo-realistic animation make it another successful addition to this anthology.


Aryamaan’s Rating – 83/100


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