ICE AGE: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Ice Age - Episode Review

‘Ice Age’ was one of the more light-hearted episodes of the anthology. Though it may have a cliché, unoriginal concept, it is visually satisfying and thematically does very well. The prevalent theme of the ‘possible future’ is consistent throughout this episode as well.

In many ways, ‘Ice Age’ isn’t like the other episodes in the anthology. It is the only episode that consists of a live action aspect. It revolves around a young couple, moving into their new apartment. An old fridge lies in their kitchen and when they open it, they reveal a whole civilization at work. Through time-lapse animation, we see a civilization evolve from the Ice Age to the industrial revolution, modern cities and eventually global warfare. From the ashes arises a new, futuristic city, which eventually vanishes with a blast of magical lights and colours.

As everything seems to have disappeared, the couple switches off the fridge and goes to bed. However, when they open the fridge again the next morning they see ‘a whole new world’ evolving. The episode ends with a T-rex hunting a group of monkeys.

In terms of visuals, the animation was remarkably satisfying for some reason, peaking my curiosity as to how it may look next. The evolution from the factories and smoke to flying cars is beautifully conceptualized, especially as it technically all happening in a fridge compartment. The couple’s acting is quite cheesy, a little over at times I might add. For some reason finding a whole miniature civilization in the fridge is quite a normal thing to them, but that’s how the story plays out. The animation does more than make up for it though.

Thematically, it is quite an interesting movie, showing possibilities of where our future might lead. The aspect of these regular, newly moved-in couple being the ‘overseers’ of this civilization proves to be a thought-provoking concept in this episode, which may be overlooked. This whole episode could possible be a foreshadowing of what may even happen to us, allowing the audience to dwell upon the fact if we too may follow this path.

Overall, ‘Ice Age’ is thematically and conceptually one of the stronger episodes in the anthology, conveying its ideas in an interesting manner. The story, combined with the remarkably satisfying animation lays the foundation for another interesting episode. The idea of seeing our world being created from ground up creates the premise if another successful episode in this anthology.


Aryaman’s Rating – 81/100

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