HELPING HAND: Episode Review – Love, Death + Robots

Helping Hand - Episode Review

Your first thought when you look at this episode is that it feels like an animated tribute to the motion picture ‘Gravity.’ It is about a solitary character trapped in the vast expanse of space, alone. Alexandria, an astronaut working in space, has to make sacrifices to escape from a situation she finds herself in.

The plot is intense and has a morbid turn of events that does make you go, “Holy shit!” more than once.

The cinematography, the transitions of camera angles between the a close up to the face and the vast expanse of space, and the intense background score trap the audience into Alexandria’s world.

Visually, the episode looks great, and the colours are morbid but stunning. The thin silvers of light falling on the photo-realistic animation highlight the astronaut’s expressions of pain and fright.

Overall, “Helping Hand” is definitely a trademark to show how far animation has really come from its inception. It is probably one of the few episodes to capture such intensity without the use of unnecessary nudity and vulgarity. It definitely caps another successful episode in the anthology.


Aryamaan’s Rating – 86/100

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