Polar: Film Review

Polar - FIlm Review

Polar, an adaptation of Victor Santos’ graphic novel ‘Polar: Came From the Cold’ is a movie that is bound to make you go, “HOLY SHIT!!” be that in a good or bad connotation.

For me, at the beginning it was a good “HOLY SHIT!!” but maybe it slowly did get a bit much towards the end. Somewhat like a Quentin Tarentino movie, but on steroids. A separate genre from typical action movies that you would see.

The movie revolves around a hit man ‘Black Kaiser,’ played by Mads Mikkelsen, who is 2 weeks away from retirement. His boss, Matt Lucas, send a team of young assasins to kill Kaiser so he can gain all the money Kaiser owns (According to a contract he signed).

Well, the movie just cries, yells, shouts, screams and shrieks violence. Everyone’s just dying, in the most gruesome way possible! Almost a cult movie I’d say. (Spoiler alert) The scene in the hotel, where we see the Black Kaiser in action for the first time, “HOLY SHIT!!” He crucifies the Mexican dude (and his balls), drills through his skull until he’s almost dead and then shoots him! Like why didn’t you shoot him in the first place? But, if you are that type then you’re in for a good time.

Mikkelsen is perfect for this character, with his almost calm persona and his deep voice, creating this aura around him. Don’t know if anyone else could’ve pulled this off better than him. Vanessa Hudgens does do pretty well, though not focused on much through the movie. Her character was probably simply added to highlight the ‘Kaiser’s’ psychological pain and to add a ‘damsel in distress,’ who’d become the vehicle for Kaiser’s salvation. Matt Lucas is almost scary in this movie. I mean just look at him, with all his torture tools but still obsessed with hygiene at the same time. The team of young assasins are the biggest sadists if I’ve ever seen. They just kill everyone they come across, enjoying every bit of it and the actors show it clearly. Not sure if that’s good though…

Polar - Film Review 2

Music video maestro Jonas Akerlund has done brilliant with his direction in this movie, making it visually stunning. One aspect that can’t be overlooked by anyone in the movie. The colours and angles just stand out. The background score by Deadmau5 is pretty effective as well, especially for his debut.

Overall, this movie was another genre altogether, but an enjoyable watch. If you have nothing to do, I’d recommend watching it but only if you can handle violence. Like a lot of violence. The graphic novel aspect really comes out in the movie with explicit, garish images of violence, torture and sex.

P.S. I saw this movie in school… Don’t recommend it… Couldn’t think or walk straight for the rest of the day.

-Aryamaan Dholakia


Aman’s Score: N/A                                                                                 Aryamaan’s Score: 72/100


Watch the Trailer here:

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