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We’re back!!! After about 8 months of posting a sum total of nothing, AD’s Film Reviews is getting back to review-writing, with some changes to the way we plan on doing things.

What happened was that Aryamaan and I started college, we’ve both just wrapped up our respective freshmen years. There was a lot to adjust to, a lot of other things on our plates, and we found that writing reviews, especially in the way that we used to do it, was 1) excessively time-consuming, and 2) not enough fun to make the time consumption worth it. That said, we’ve missed putting our unqualified thoughts out there for the world to judge years later when those views may no longer reflect our point of view. Seriously though, writing reviews is something we really enjoy doing, and we want to be able to continue doing that for our own leisure, which isn’t really contingent on whether anyone’s reading.

As such, we’re changing the way we do things around here a little bit. How that’s going to manifest is we’re going to be writing much less structured. Reviews might be a lot shorter, might in some cases be a lot longer, and anywhere in between, depending on how we respond to any movie that we watch. In the past, we’ve made an effort to try to mention everything about a movie, with separate paragraphs talking about the acting, music, cinematography, writing, ideologies and messaging, etc. That’s something we’re going to stop doing, reviews are going to be about our reaction to a movie, which might focus, lopsidedly (apparently that’s like a real, bona-fide word, which has left me in actual physical shock) on specific aspects and completely leave out other things. The result is going to be a very personal brand of film review, which we think ends up being the better kind anyway and has the added benefit of being more fun and easier to write.

The rating system! What an awful idea that I wish we had never started doing. Rating movies out of 100 was a pretentious attempt to be over-scientific about something that absolutely does not need to be scientific. We’ve talked this over, what’s likely to happen is that we’ll start rating out of 10, so as to make tiers, without getting into “objective” comparison of films within those tiers.

We’re also planning on starting a podcast! Pretty soon! I can’t imagine anyone would listen to Aryamaan and I talk about movies for an hour a week, and I don’t imagine we’d get much by way of listenership. That said, I thought the same thing before we started a website for film reviews, so maybe I’m in for a surprise. I see it as an excuse to zoom with Aryamaan once a week while we’re at college, and if people are listening then that’s a nice bonus :). That should be available to listen to on the site and through whatever other means Aryamaan deems fit to put it out by.

Lastly, I think we’re planning on keeping the old reviews up on the site. It’s a weird thing to publish your thoughts and then read them in a public domain two or three years later, more often than not there are things that I either no longer agree with or would say very differently. For every one that makes me cringe, however, there tends to be one that I think isn’t half bad, so for now I’m good to leave it all on there. Aryamaan’s working on revamping the site right now, one thing we’re planning on is separating the old reviews, putting them all under one tab, in case anyone’s ever curious.

That’s the big information dump for now. New reviews will start popping up once the site is revamped, as and when we see movies (which you might’ve gathered is fairly often). Hopefully the new, relaxed format (or lack thereof) for the reviews will mean that we can write and post pretty much whenever we see something.

Talking about movies is our favorite thing to do, and for those few who are interested in listening, we hope we justify your attention.

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